Temporary Fencing

Bowen Industrial Hire Specialise in the Erection and Dismantle and hire of Temporary Fencing.

BIH Temporary Fencing is specifically designed to be easily erected whilst providing a strong and secure barrier around your site. It is effective for many purposes, including: Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Building, Demolition, Renovation, Extensions, Landscaping, Enclosures etc.

If you require Temporary Fencing, you can rely on BIH to secure your site quickly. We keep a large amount of fencing in stock at all times, so you are guaranteed we can meet your demands in a short period of time.


BIH Temporary Fencing is very sturdy and can be supplemented by additional products to ensure the strength and longevity of the barrier.

BIH temporary fencing exceeds Workplace Health & Safety Regulations. From the largest or smallest project, long & short term hire is available to suit your business requirements. Our temporary fencing systems are sturdy and secure, yet portable and ideal for a variety of different situations which include:

·         Special events;

·         Commercial Construction;

·         Domestic Housing Sites;

·         Pool construction;

·         Crowd control;

·         Live Stock Control;

·         Exhibitions;

·         Sporting events;

·         Concerts / Parades;

·         Local Council Work Sites;

·         Environmental Protected;

·         Equipment Isolation

Fence Panels are 2.2M L x 2.1M H Installation includes Feet and Clamps for all your temporary Fencing needs please contact BIH.

Equipment Hire

Bowen Industrial Hire provides a wide range of industrial equipment for hire, from fencing and scaffolding to loaders and mini-diggers.

Scaffolding & Rigging

Bowen Industrial Hire provides Scaffold labour, Design, erection and dismantling services for a large range of industries.

Temporary Fencing

Bowen Industrial Hire Temporary Fencing is specifically designed to be easily erected whilst providing a strong and secure barrier around your site.

Labour Hire Construction & Mining

Bowen Industrial Hire has offered a wide range of skilled personal since 2006. Skilled staff include: Scaffolder’s, Rigger’s, Dogger’s, Crane, EWP & Forklift Operator’s, Traffic Controller’s and Labourers.

Traffic Control & Management

Bowen Industrial Hire provides Traffic Management Consultation, Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Control Services. We supply all signage, traffic control devices and equipment required for traffic control.